Zebra ZPL Direct Printing, in conjunction with the Firefox or Chrome browser, is the alternate printer set-up for ScanPower. This printer set-up is specific to ScanPower and different from the basic Zebra set-up.

Recommended Equipment:

NOTE: All printers below support ZPL

Zebra ZP 450, GK 420d, GX 420d

Label sizes: 30252, 30334, 30336 or 30321

Recommended Software:

Please make sure you have the correct driver for your Zebra printer.  Use the links below rather than the setup disc which came with your printer.  Sometimes updates are released after the production of printers and the disc is no longer up to date.  Also, please ensure that you do not have more than one printer driver for your printer installed as this will result in ScanPower not detecting your printer.  


1.Install QZTray 2.0 or above: https://qz.io/download/

Zebra Direct Printing is available with Firefox and Chrome.

2. Calibrate your printer: https://support.shippingeasy.com/hc/en-us/articles/206097683-How-to-Calibrate-a-Zebra-printer

Mac Setup

When installing QZ Tray on a Mac you'll need to setup a Raw driver as well. This can be a little daunting if you are not technical but we are happy to screen share with you to help with the steps.


Restart your computer after it's set up for raw printing

Windows Setup

In general, the default Zebra driver will work but if you are unable to find a suitable driver the Seagull driver is a good option:


Restart your computer after the driver is installed. You may need to calibrate the printer a 2nd time:


Alternative Windows Setup

If for some reason the instruction above do not work, you can try a different driver:


Or follow the QZ Tray instructions for setting up a raw printer:


Restart your computer after it's set up for raw printing

 BoxT FNSKU label printer selection:

To print FNSKU labels in BoxT install the same software as ScanPower List. The printer should be selectable from the Printer Settings: