In order to use your Zebra LP 2844 for use with ScanPower you will need to use Google Chrome.  FireFox does not have the ability to support the required settings.

  • First, you need to find the Zebra printer in your computer's printer settings and set it as the default. 

  • Next, you need to select the printer's preferences page in order to change the settings. In Windows when you right-click on the printer you want to select PRINTER PREFERENCES. From there you need to match your preferences page to the one shown below. Notice the changes in the bottom 2 sections (Size and Unprintable Area).  After you have made the changes you need to click APPLY. (FYI, there are more instructions below the following image.)

  • Next, go to your LIST Settings page in ScanPower at (SETTINGS > LIST). From there you need to make sure that the printer is set to NONE DETECTED and SAVE the settings even if you did not make any changes.

  • Next, go to your main LIST screen by clicking LIST, open a shipment and select an item from the shipment for which to print a label.  To print the label right-click on the item and click PRINT LABEL.  Once the print preview page appears you need to select the settings as shown below. 

  • A label which looks like the image below will print.  You then need to adhere the label to the item and you are good to go.