Printable instructions available here.  NOTE:  Please make sure to set-up in HID Mode.  Below are more detailed set-up instructions for iOS.

1. Lets first undo any changes that you already tried by pushing both buttons on the left side to get in the config menus. Use the bottom button to scroll down to "system config" and press the scan button to select and scroll down to "Fac. Default" and press the scan button - select "yes & exit" and your 200i will now have the factory default settings. 

2. Scroll down to "Top Menu" and then scroll to "BT Config" and select "ConnectDevice". Now you should see the options for SPP, HID iOS, SPP 2.0, and HID normal. (Before disabling MFi mode the only options were SPP and iPhone.) Select HID iOS and save and exit

3. Scroll down and select BT Toggle and make sure it is enabled. This will allow you to toggle the keyboard while in ScanPower.

4. Scroll down to "Top Menu" and select to return to the previous menu. Scroll down to "BT Service" and select.

5. On you iPhone tap Settings - Bluetooth If Bluetooth is off turn it on. If you see a previous KDC200 device tap it and tap "Forget this Device" and confirm "Forget Device".

6. Now on the KDC select "Pairing" and it should say Pairing Started. On the iPhone Bluetooth screen you should see "KDC200" and your serial number. Tap the KDC200 and in a few seconds it should say "Pairing Succeeded" and "HID Connected"

7. Now open ScanPower Mobile and tap the search field.  Now scan the barcode.

8. After the initial bluetooth connection, to re-connect just press the top button on the left side and it will re-connect.  While in ScanPower if you want to use the onscreen keyboard press the bottom left button to toggle on and press again to toggle off