ScanPower connects through the Selling Partner API to download shipping labels for partnered carrier shipments once the shipping estimated has been confirmed.

  1. When your shipment if packed (0 Unpacked items), click the "Send Contents" button on the main screen.
  2. A confirmation dialog will appear where you can choose to also purchase partner shipping. Below is a screenshot of what it will look like for SPD.
    1. SPD
    2. LTL: The dialog will look similar for LTL, but it also includes the Contact Info form. You can save this information in the settings in the Presets section! You will also need to include the total value and ready date before submitting.
  3. After you click OK, you will see that the status changes to ESTIMATING, then to ESTIMATED.
  4. Once the status changes to ESTIMATED: Feed Sent, you can click the link to agree to the Terms and Conditions and then click Confirm.
    This is what the dialog will look like for LTL. You will have 30 minutes to confirm shipping charges. If you do not confirm within the 30 minutes, you will need to re-send the content.
  5. It may take several minutes for Amazon to process the carton feed. The Contents Status will change to CONFIRMING and then to CONFIRMED. After you have confirmed and the feed has processed successfully, the Content Status will change to CONFIRMED: Ready To Print.  You can click the link print the shipping labels for all of the boxes associated with the shipment.  
  6. In the Shipping Charges dialog you will see an outline for the shipping charges associated with the shipment.  If you still agree to the charges being charged to you in Seller Central, you can click the "Print Box Labels" button.
    Note: This charge is a Seller Central charge, not ScanPower. For SPD, You have 24-hours from when you confirmed the shipping charges to void the shipping transaction.
    For LTL, you will see a similar outline of the shipping charges. You have the option to print box labels and pallet labels.
    Note: Unlike SPD, you only have 1 hour from when you confirmed the shipping charges to void the shipping transaction.
  7. You will see the labels look the exact same as the labels printed in Seller Central. This is an example of a Box Label:Here is an example of pallet labels:
  8. Here is an example of  Shipping labels: