PREP & SHIP is an updated version of ScanPower that combines Batch listing and Boxt. 

  • Everything in one place. From left of the screen to the right, the columns are: 
    • Purchase Orders and Batches
    • Shipments
    • Items (within POs, Batches, or shipments)
  • Customize the screen layout for the workflow. e.g. hide shipment while working on batches and visa versa.
  • PO settings apply to all batches: FBA, Multipack or Item-prep.
  • Filter batches by items not received, items with errors, and exclude items already in shipments.
  • Search across POs, Batches, Shipments, and Boxes to locate inventory. Search bar is at the bottom and will accept new searches without clearing. Click the x in the lower right-hand corner to clear the search text.
  • Add an item to batch by ASIN, MSKU, UPC, or keyword/title.
  • Add tags for POs, batches, batch items, inventory, and shipments.

Inventory Sync

  • Newly added inventory is automatically synced when added to a batch. 
  • If the inventory exists in Seller Central it will be visible in PREP & SHIP.

Ship From Location

  • PREP & SHIP uses the Google Places API to automatically merge ship from locations when the address differs but is the same physical address.


  • Enable receiving mode to more easily mark received quantities and save all information.
  • The main difference when receiving is you enter the quantity received. 
  • Overages and shipment quantity is automatically calculated. 
  • You can default the received quantity to the ordered quantity by clicking the button next to the Received Qty input.Click Save and continue by scanning the next item.