We have placed "Quick Settings" menus in PREP & SHIP, offering quick access to frequently used settings that apply to the specific situation. That is, the Quick Settings menu options depend on the current application. If a user is in the listing/create listings process, the menu options will be different than if the user is in the packing phase of the process. 

In either case, however, the Quick Settings Menu selection is located in the same place, the upper, right-hand corner of the screen under the username. To access the Quick Settings Menu, select the gear icon, make setting selections, then click the gear icon again to close the menu.

Listing Quick Settings

When a Batch is selected, the user will see this Quick Settings menu: 

  • Send price feed when create listing
  • Force case-packed
  • Show/Hide Columns
    • Condition
    • Condition Notes
    • Cost
    • Expires
    • Multipack Size
    • Price
    • Rank
  • Show Amazon Prep Guidance
  • Print Expiration Date Labels when Listing
  • More Settings (select if the setting you desire is not included with the Quick Settings Menu)

PREP & SHIP (Packing) Quick Settings Menu

When a shipment is selected, the user will see the Quick Settings Menu that applies to packing functions: 

  • Prompt for expiration date if missing
  • Print item labels on scan
  • Print expiration date labels on scan
  • Case-Packed Across Boxes
  • Warn when > 50 items are packed in a box
  • More settings

Please note that all quick settings are also accessible on the Settings > PREP & SHIP Page. For a detailed explanation of the Quick Settings, see PREP & SHIP Settings