Once you have created a batch, you a ready to add items to it. Items can be added to a batch in one of four ways. 

Different Ways to Add Items to a Batch

Direct by Product

  1. Select the batch to which you wish to add items.
  2. Enter (manually or by scanning) the item ASIN, UPC, ISBN, MSKU, or Title in the LIST field (circled in red on the illustration shown here.)

  3. Click "Add to Batch."
  4. Select the "Edit" box (circled in red below) to change any of the product information (price, source, etc) or to add tags.

Import from Inventory

You can import items from your existing inventory directly into a batch for listing. 

  1. Select the batch to which you wish to add items.
  2. Click "Import" on the screen next to the List field.
  3. Select "Inventory."
  4. Search your inventory using the search field and the filters available to you to find that inventory for which you are looking.
  5. Select the inventory item(s) you wish to import, modifying the listing information such as quantity, cost, source, expiration dates, price. Items selected for import will highlight, as illustrated here:
  6. Select "Import Selected" at the bottom of the screen.

Import from Buylist

Select "Buylist" from the Import dropdown.

You will see a screen that features the items currently on your buylist. You may choose to use the filters (purchased dates, ASIN/UPC/MSKU/Title, Category, Shopper, Source, or Size Tier) to focus your list. 

Select the items you wish to import into the batch and use the bottom menu to import selected or to import all. 

Items will appear in the batch. 

Import Spreadsheet

First, you need to create a spreadsheet with the following three required columns:

  • ASIN
  • MSKU
  • Condition

We strongly suggest that you include quantity, but it is not required. If quantity is omitted, we default the quantity to 1. The maximum value is 10,000.

Fill out appropriate information for the items you would like to import into a shipment.

Optional columns include:

  • Quantity
  • Price
  • Cost
  • Source
  • "purchased-date"
  • Expires
  • "quantity-in-case" (for case-packed items)
  • "number-of-cases" (for case-packed items)
  • "total-quantity" (for case-packed items)

From the Import dropdown in BoxT, select "Spreadsheet" and select your spreadsheet from your device. 

This edit screen will open where you may edit any fields and select the items you wish to import.  In the bottom menu, you will see the options to: Select All, Deselect All, Import Selected, or Import All. Once you have finished making any edits and finalizing your selection, make your choice. 

The items will now appear in the batch and you may edit them, receive them (for warehouse mode), add more items to the batch, or create your shipment plan.