With the launch of BoxT Beta, we introduced support for purchase orders as a means of organizing the receipt of inventory and as a way to organize batches. Understanding the structure of purchase orders and batches is critical to your success with our software.

Purchase Orders vs. Batches

Purchase Order (PO)

A purchase order may contain multiple batches, but typically it only contains one batch. A "carryover" batch will be created within the purchase order with the items that cannot be placed into a shipment plan (missing dimensions, gating, etc.) The use of POs is optional.


A batch is a grouping of inventory which may exist within or independent of  a purchase order. As stated above, multiple batches may exist within a single PO and inventory is not added to or imported into a PO, it is added to a batch. 

Creating a New Purchase Order or Batch

  1. Be sure you have selected a ship-from location. You cannot create a PO or batch without having a location selected.
  2. Select the "+" indicated by the red arrow in the illustration above to open the new batch/PO modal. From here, you may create a new PO or batch by selecting the "+" next to Purchase Order or Batch respectively. You may create a new batch to add to an existing PO by selecting the name of the PO before clicking the "+." You may add an existing batch to a purchase order by selecting the name of the batch before the "+" next to PO. 
  3. You may edit the names of the POs or batches or add tags to either by selecting the "edit" box next to the PO or batch name. (circled in green in the illustration above.)