Once your shipment plan has been created and you are ready to prepare and ship, you will be looking for it in BoxT. 

  • If you prepared the shipment in ScanPower, it will be there waiting for you to move forward.
  • If you prepared the shipment outside of ScanPower, then you will need to import it.

If you are not able to see a shipment after properly preparing it, there are a couple of potential causes.

Solution 1 | Archived Shipment

The first thing to check is to see if shipment has been archived. Toggle the "Archived" view, allowing you to see archived shipments. 

If the shipment has been archived by mistake, select the shipment by clicking on it, then click "Unarchive Shipment" in the bottom menu. 

Once you have unarchived the shipment, you may toggle back to the active shipments view and continue working on the shipment. 

Solution 2 | "Ship-From" Address Filter

Another possibility is that your view is being filtered by the ship-from address. This can be easily checked by navigating to SETTINGS (in the main, top menu), then to BOXT. Under General, you will see a setting, "Show only shipments from the following ship-from addresses.

  • If NO ADDRESSES are selected (highlighted), then shipments from ALL addresses are visible. That is to say, no filter is currently applied to ship-from addresses.
  • If ONE OR MORE ADDRESSES is selected, then ONLY shipments from the highlighted address(es) will be visible in BoxT.
    NOTE: Addresses must match EXACTLY if a filter is applied. See here the 4 ways the ship-from address for "Warehouse 1" has been entered. 

If the ship-from address filter is preventing you from seeing a shipment, you may either add the ship-from address to the selection (hold CTRL or CMMD and select the address) and SAVE the settings, or you select none of the addresses (rendering the filter disabled) and SAVE. 

You may have to refresh the page in BoxT, but if you have correctly updated and saved the ship-from view setting, you should now be able to see and work on the shipment.