The restricted check feature is available on all paid tiers.  For those on the FREE tier, you can upgrade to turn on this feature.  You can upgrade by going to SETTINGS > ACCOUNT > SUBSCRIPTIONS.

In ScanPower Mobile  click Settings (bottom left) to verify "Check Restricted" is selected. If you only sell New condition products you can streamline the view by checking "Only Show Restricted if New".


On the Web in Mobile Scout Settings make sure the new ScanPowerBar Chrome browser extension is installed:

  1. Download the extension from Chrome Web Store HERE.
  2. Open Settings similar to the instruction above. Click the 4 dots in the lower left and click Settings. Verify "Check Restricted" is checked.
  3. Click <-- arrow to save.
  4.  For OLD SCOUT click Settings->Scout then selct the checkbox "Check restricted":

Once installed, the next time you scan an item, Seller Central will open in a new tab and ask you to login.  

Verify you are using the correct Add Products page:

When you are logged in you can close the tab and re-scan to see the restricted status update automatically.