Sending Contents and Printing Shipping Labels:

  • Once your boxes are ready, verify you have 0 Unpacked Quantity then click the Send Contents button.  The Send Contents feature sends a carton contents feed to Seller Central. When using this feature you DO NOT need to adhere box content 2D barcode labels to each box. You can also elect to purchase partnered small parcel or LTL shipping making ScanPower and Boxt an all-in-one solution for your inbound FBA shipments.

  • Once the contents feed has been sent you can monitor its status and now print your shipping labels in ScanPower. After clicking SEND CONTENTS, you can see that the status switched to ESTIMATING to ESTIMATED.  
  • Once at ESTIMATED status, you can click the link to agree to the Terms and Conditions and then click CONFIRM.  
  • ScanPower checks the status of the carton feed and notifies you when the shipping labels are ready to print The content status will move to CONFIRMING and then to "CONFIRMED: Ready To Print".  You can click this link print the shipping labels for all of the boxes associated with the shipment.  

  • In the Shipping Charges window you will see an outline for the shipping charges associated with the shipment.  If you agree to the charges being charged to you in Seller Central, just as before (please note, this charge is not a ScanPower charged but a Seller Central charge), click PRINT BOX LABELS.  You have 24-hours from when you agreed to the Terms and Conditions to void the shipping transaction.

  • You will see the labels look the exact same as the labels printed in Seller Central.