1. You enter dimensions and click OK
  2. After you click OK, the item is added to the WAIT LIST and we send a PRODUCT and an INVENTORY dimensions feed for the item to Amazon
  3. You can monitor those feeds at https://unity.scanpower.com/list/feed
  4. You know they were received successfully when the submission status for the feed is SUCCESS
  5. You can tell which feed is for which item by clicking the down-arrow in the feed column for a given feed.  A tab will appear which looks like image1 below.  You can locate the ASIN for the item there to tell which feed is for which item.
  6. Once Amazon receives the feed they have to do two things: 1) input the data on their side and 2) release the item for listing.  Once that is done they send us a data feed back which turns the item on your WAIT LIST green to indicate that it is ready for listing.
  7. If the item remains on the WAIT LIST for more than 24-hours we recommend that you first try to list the item again as occasionally Amazon forgets to notify us that the item was released for listing. 
  8. If you are once again prompted to input dimensions then that means that Amazon has not yet released the item for listing and you need to send the following information, obtainable as outlined below, to Seller Central Support and ask when the item will be released for listing. 
  • Specifically state in your email to Seller Central Support that you are listing item, (provide ASIN), via their MWS API, and that you were prompted for and provided dimensions.  Indicate that you are waiting on the item to be released for listing via their MWS API and ask when this will happen.  Then provide the following for the specific item.  You only need to provide the information from the INVENTORY or PRODUCT feed for the item not both.
  • The BatchID (see Image2)
  • The TimeStamp (hover your cursor over the time listed in the Submitted column - see Image2)
  • The RequestID (see Image2)