Box Content Information

By providing box content information, your products move through Amazon's fulfillment network more efficiently and become available for sale sooner. Sellers who have provided this information have seen their shipments received faster, and they have also experienced an overall increase in the accuracy of their inventory records.

Effective November 1, 2016, Amazon requires sellers to provide box content information for each box sent to Amazon. Box content information includes the unit quantity of each SKU per box, expiration dates (if applicable), and the box weight and dimensions.

If you choose not to provide box content information, Amazon will need to manually process your box contents, and we will apply a manual processing fee. The cost of this fee is $0.10 per unit from January to October and $0.15 per unit for November and December.

Who should use BoxT?

All Amazon FBA sellers who:

  • pack sing or mixed SKU shipments
  • pack unsorted inventory destined for multiple Fulfillment Centers
  • process multiple shipments per day
  • pack multiple boxes per shipment or send LTL pallets
  • pack consumable goods with Expiration dates
  • print expiration date labels
  • run a prep center or warehouse OR hire employees to pack shipments
  • sends seller labeled, Amazon labeled, or commingled items or a mixture of label prep types
  • already uses a 4x6 shipping label printer for box labels
  • wish to print 2D barcode box labels or send box contents directly to Amazon
  • wish to pack shipments without logging in to Seller Central. BoxT allows you to purchase partnered UPS and LTL shipping and print box labels without going in to Seller Sentral 
  • print individual FNSKU labels as you pack
  • print FBA Box labels as you pack rather than waiting until the package labels are printed
  • print unified FBA Box and 2D barcode labels to save time and labels