From Amazon's announcement: Important changes to Fulfillment by Amazon in 2016

May 17, 2016
To ensure that shipments to Amazon are received quickly and accurately, effective November 1, 2016, you must provide box content information for each box sent to a fulfillment center. Shipments containing more than 55% of FBA units already provide box content information. In September 2016, we will provide additional tools to make it easier to provide box content information on all shipments. If your shipping processes do not support providing this information, we will apply a fee of $0.15 per unit in November and December. The fee will be $0.10 per unit for January through October. If you provide box content information, you will not be charged this fee.

For complete details of these changes, visit

To meet this new requirement, we offer BoxT, the only box contents app that's integrated with your shipments!

BoxT allows you to print 2D barcodes straight from the item label (FNSKU, UPC, or ASIN) for each box in a shipment OR Send Contents directly to Amazon via a Carton Feed. 

Include expiration dates on consumable items and easily shift items from box to box. Your packers or the prep and ship company can put together error-free shipments. Even better, your items are received faster at the fulfillment center and available for sale sooner! BoxT is available at the $24 subscription level and above. Contact us for high volume or multi-account plans at!

For more information on how to use BoxT go here.