Welcome to BoxT, ScanPower's box content solution for Amazon FBA.  Below is a guide for how to use BoxT to either print 2-D barcode labels for your boxes or to send your box content information directly to Amazon without having to label the boxes.

Logging into BoxT:

  • Below is what you see when you click BoxT from the horizontal toolbar in ScanPower located at https://unity.scanpower.com.  For users new to BoxT you will want to click NEW PROFILE to get started.  For returning users, you will click the profile you already established (you can see my profile below).

BoxT Settings Overview:

  • Below is a walk through of BoxT settings.  All of the settings are defined in the images below.  Please note, you will not see a PROXY button on your screen. 

  • Presets can be used for those who are sending in large quantities of the same item in multiple boxes of the same size.

  • Below is the main BoxT screen with the printing of 2D barcode labels enabled.  Please note, with the 2d barcode feature, you will NOT be able to print your shipping labels in ScanPower and will continue to need to go to Seller Central to print all shipping labels.

BoxT Main Screen Overview:

  • Below is the main BoxT screen with Printing 2D Barcode disabled and Send Contents enabled.  When you log into BoxT to begin working on a shipment, look to the left panel for the shipment on which you want to work.  You can use the SHIPMENT ID/NAME field to search for the desired shipment.  If the shipment does not appear there, you can click the "Import" button.

Importing Shipments into BoxT:

  • Here you can enter the ShipmentID for the shipment and click IMPORT to bring it into ScanPower.  We automatically pull working shipments from the last week into the import lower section. One or more of these can by selected and imported by clicking IMPORT SELECTED SHIPMENTS button.

Boxing Items:

  • Once you have located the shipment on which you want to work, click the shipment in the left panel to highlight it.  Then click the "+" sign to add a box to the shipment.

  • Once you click the "+" sign a new box will be created and you will automatically be taken to the box screen, as seen below. To begin adding items to the box you can either enter an FNSKU/ASIN/UPC/MSKU in the search box, as indicated in the image below, or you can click VIEW UNUSED items which will trigger a list of items from the shipment which have yet to be boxed.  You can then select items from that list to go into this box.

Setting Box Dimensions (necessary when using SEND CONTENTS feature only):

  • Once an item is added to a box it will appear in the box screen, as seen below.  Once all items have been added to a box you must enter the box dimensions if you are using the SEND CONTENTS feature rather than printing a 2D barcode label.  Then click SAVE.  ** The dimensions are not required for those using 2D barcode labels, hence if you have that setting enabled you do not see this function.**  

Sending Contents and Printing Shipping Labels:

  • The box is now ready. You can click the BACK button to return to the main screen where you can either add another box to the shipment, if necessary, or you can send the contents feed by clicking SEND CONTENTS.  The Send Contents feature is an electronic communication with Seller Central regarding the contents of each box and when using this feature you DO NOT need to adhere box content 2D barcode labels to each box AND you can elect to print your shipping labels in ScanPower - truly making ScanPower a one-stop-shop for all of your FBA needs.

  • Once the contents feed has been sent you can monitor its status and now print your shipping labels in ScanPower. After clicking SEND CONTENTS, you can see that the status switched to ESTIMATING, ESTIMATED.  

  • Once at ESTIMATED status, you can click the link to agree to the Terms and Conditions and then click CONFIRM.  

  • ScanPower then begins the process of making your shipping labels available.  This is a very quick process.  The send contents status will go to CONFIRMING and then to CONFIRMED READY TO PRINT.  You can click this link print the shipping labels for all of the boxes associated with the shipment.  

  • In the Shipping Charges window you will see an outline for the shipping charges associated with the shipment.  If you agree to the charges being charged to you in Seller Central, just as before (please note, this charge is not a ScanPower charged but a Seller Central charge), click PRINT BOX LABELS.  You have 24-hours from when you agreed to the Terms and Conditions to void the shipping transaction.

  • You will see the labels look the exact same as the labels printed in Seller Central.