When and item is restricted it cannot be listed for sale via ScanPower.  ScanPower will catch restricted items if it is a category level restriction because Amazon will reject the item from a shipment. When this happens an error message will trigger in ScanPower.  ScanPower via Amazon will catch some product level restrictions but certainly not all.

The solution is to use the LIST Evaluate Accept/Reject feature via SETTINGS > LIST to reject a comma separated list of ASINs. (Information regarding setting this up is below.  Please continue past those instructions for further information on restricted items.)

To set this up go to SETTINGS > EVALUATE and create a RULEGROUP.

  1. Scroll down the INACTIVE rule side and locate the rule: REJECT ASINS.  Drag the rule from the INACTIVE to the ACTIVE column.
  2. Enter your comma separated list of ASINs to be rejected.
  3. Double click the RULEGROUP name and change it (recommended: REJECT ASINs).
  4. Then click SAVE.


         5. Go to SETTINGS > LIST and scroll down to EVALUATE RULES.

  •          6. Select the RULEGROUP you just created (Reject ASINs).
  •          7. Click SAVE

ScanPower will not catch condition restrictions for a category. e.g. Listing Used item in Health and Beauty.

ScanPower will catch most FBA restrictions related to Hazmat e.g. items with certain types of batteries

ScanPower will catch inventory stock level restrictions where Amazon is no longer accepting additional quantity of the item.