Label Prep Types indicate who is responsible for labeling items.  LABEL PREP TYPES can be selected while listing to provide users flexibility when listing various items with varied desired prep types.  When listing an item you can select the prep type.  The item will then be listed in a shipment with the corresponding prep type.  Each shipment has a designated prep type as shipments cannot contain items with various prep types.  A shipment's prep type is indicated in the shipment icon as indicated below.

  • SELLER:  all items assigned to shipments with this prep type must be labeled by you, the Seller.
  • AMAZON PREFERRED:  the Seller is willing to label the items that Amazon cannot label because of some TBD conditions. If the item cannot be labeled by Amazon it will be placed in a Seller Label shipment.
  • AMAZON ONLY:  the Seller does not want to label the items under any circumstances. If Amazon cannot label the item it will be rejected rather than added to a Seller Label shipment.