The SHIP_FROM feature in LIST provides users with greater flexibility when accounts have multiple users working from different addresses.  This also includes prep services.  When listing an item you can select a SHIP FROM address.  This is helpful when a user is listing at the same time as a sub-user (e.g. employee or 3rd party prep service).  To create a new SHIP FROM address simply click on LIST.  Once on the main LIST screen click the SHIP FROM drop-down arrow and select CREATE NEW.

Once you select CREATE NEW a new tab will appear displaying your SOURCES screen.  SHIP FROM addresses are considered a "source" and are located here.  Here you can either edit an existing SOURCE or create a new one.  To edit an existing, simply locate the one you want to edit from the list and click EDIT ROW for that source.  To create a new one fill in the address information in the grey box below your list of sources and then click SAVE.

Once you have clicked SAVE you can close that tab and return to your main LIST screen.  Here you need to click the SHIP FROM refresh button to refresh the list so the new source appears.