The warning sign which appears on the SALES REPORT screen looks like this (identified below) and indicates that you have items which have sold that are missing COST information in our system.  Follow the instructions below to click the warning sign and enter the missing information:

  • If you hover your cursor over the warning sign you will see a pop-up which indicates how many records are missing COST information, for the time period for which the SALES REPORT screen is displaying.  Please keep in mind that the filter to the left is used to change the time period displayed by the SALES REPORT screen.

  • You can click the warning sign to open a pop-up in which a grid will appear displaying the missing data.  We try to "guess" the missing data.  For example, look at the item highlighted in the image below - this user has item ASIN B00HEEB9HI with a purchase date of 03/11/15.  A qty 2 of this item has sold but is missing COST information in our system.  This user must have entered a COST of $3.28 for at least one item (meaning they listed more than a qty 2) so we are "guessing" that the COST of these items is $3.28.  You will also some items below with a COST listed as none.  This means we have no idea what the COST was, it has not been entered for this item before. 

  • If the COST we "guessed" is incorrect or none appears in the grid you can easily change it.  If you purchased all of the items at the same COST or there is only a qty 1 then you can easily double click the COST field for the item and enter the correct COST.  For items with qty>1 which were purchased at different COST you can easily "split" the QTY of the items by right-clicking the item and selecting SPLIT. 

  • This will copy the item information into the row below.  There you can double click the QTY field and enter the necessary QTY and then the corresponding COST. You can right-click and SPLIT as many times as you have different COST points for the item. You can also go ahead and enter any missing SOURCE and EXPIRATION DATE information, if you have it; however, as long as you enter COST, the item will no longer appear in this grid once you have completed the process.

  • Once you have entered or verified all of the missing COST information for the entire grid, scroll down and click SAVE.
  • PLEASE NOTE: This grid is not designed for you to fix one item at a time.  It is designed for you to go in and fix all that appear.  When you click SAVE all of the "guesses" we have made will also be saved if you have not corrected them.