We have added a feature that allow you to blacklist items from List. This feature is great for preventing items that are restricted by condition or otherwise from FBA making it into your shipments. (Please note: Replenish must be turned ON for this to work.)

Adding items to the black list is accomplished by uploading a spreadsheet to https://unity.scanpower.com/inventory/cost.

For items that you already have in your inventory, a spreadsheet just needs two columns, one named MSKU which will contain MSKUs and a second named Blacklist which should contain the number 1 in every row as pictured below.

For items that are not in your inventory simply add a third column labeled ASIN, and for the MSKU column, make one to stand in in your inventory table. This can take any format your MSKUs can make. We suggest, however, that is you are adding an item to your inventory only to black list it, it will be better to use a format that is different from your standard inventory.

Once you have prepared the spreadsheet, upload it as mentioned to unity.scanpower.com/inventory.cost.

The will detect the blacklist column, and the MSKU and ASIN columns if there, as show below.

Once the file has uploaded successfully, you will see the following message:

Afterwards, the following message will be shown when someone tries to list the item.