We have recently added a new feature that allows you to use Evaluate rules to manually control which products can be listed via FBA. This feature can help with pesky brand restrictions, as well as serve to filter out items which do not make sense for FBA when you have other channels available.

First, you will want to create a rule group inside of Evaluate. This rule group will be unique in that it will only contain rejection rules.

The rule group below contains a rule we made specifically for this feature "Reject when these brands: ______ are present.

You can put as many brands as you like, separated by commas, just be sure to format them exactly as they are shown in either the products API or on the product page from an item of that brand. In this case I am blocking two brands, formatted as such: Bath & Body Works,Harper Collins

You can also add any other rejection rules that help you optimize your FBA listing workflow.

Once you have added all of the rules you want, the next step is to activate the rule group by selecting it in the list settings as shown below.

Once you have saved the settings, List will start rejecting items as designated by your rule group.

When an item is rejected, you will see this pop up instead of the normal one: