For Evaluate, formatting a spreadsheet appropriately is quite simple.

1) The first column should be labeled UPC or KEYWORD and should contain only UPCs and ASINs or keywords and product titles respectively. All other columns are purely optional, but quite beneficial.

2) The second column should be labeled COST, and is optional in either case, but if used will allow the evaluator to run all of the net payout and profit calculations that it can.

3) The third column should be labeled CONDITION. This will affect the net payout calculations for the products if you are evaluating a lot of used items or another seller's inventory, for example. Leave this column blank or omit it entirely to have all calculations run. If you use NEW in the condition column, all used offers will be ignored.

4)The rest of the columns in a spreadsheet can in theory be labeled whatever you would like, however, if you title any additional columns USERDEF1, USERDEF2, etc, the program will know to ignore them.

Common errors:

1) Too Many Columns - Often times a wholesale catalog will contain a lot of columns that have info that is not used by the evaluator, or is proprietary to the supplier. It is best to delete these columns in the copy of the file you will upload, as this will save much time when uploading and cause much fewer failures due to Gateway Timeouts or similar errors.

2) Formatting Issues - The Most common formatting issue is that a document will have more than one sheet. Make sure that there is only one sheet if you upload it as an excel file, or that you delete the other sheets before you export it as a CSV.

If you still have issues after following the guidelines above, feel free to get ahold of us!