Currently, the ScanPower app needs to be sideloaded on Amazon Fire phones. For more information about sideloading please see the following article.

Instructions to Sideload the ScanPower App onto a Fire Phone:

  • Launch the Settings app on your Fire Phone.
  • Tap on the "Applications & Parental Controls" listing.
  • In the submenu that displays, find and select "Allow non-Amazon app installation."
  • By sliding the switch next to the first listing on the next page, you'll allow apps to be installed from secondary sources. Once you enable this option, you'll receive a stern warning about putting your personal data at risk due to sideloading. If you're comfortable with taking responsibility for what you load on your device, tap OK
  • Then open this article on your device and download the .apk file attached to this article. The device will recognize it and it will install automatically!