ScanPower Evaluate

ScanPower evaluate is useful when you have a list of products to source rather than single items (Mobile and WebScout). This tool helps you make good purchasing decisions for new products by showing the competitive landscape on Amazon. ScanPower

Evaluate is included with all ScanPower subscription packages and is FREE to use for uploads containing 50 items or less. You can also try Evaluate for FREE without a subscription for uploads containing 50 items or less.  However, please note, these fees are based on each upload as Evaluate bills per upload.


How it Works:
  • 1. Set your rule group in your account settings.
  • 2a. Upload a CSV file with "UPC" in column 1 and optional Cost, Condition, and User defined fields in columns 2-n and we will analyze products for potential resale on
  • 2b. You may also upload a file where the first column contains the heading "TITLE",  with the same optional columns as listed above in 2a. This method will search Amazon for the product you are evaluating by keyword or by product title. Using full product titles will help yield the most specific results in this case. This method is perfect when you are buying lots that do not come with the product identifier.
  • 3. PLEASE NOTE: You cannot mix uploads and do UPC and keyword searches in the same upload.  If you have some items to evaluate by UPC and others to evaluate by TITLE you must upload those as two separate files.
  • 4. EVALUATE will only permit 3 active uploads at a time.  Once you have fewer than 3 uploads you will be permitted to upload another file.
  • 5. Once the file has been evaluated based on your Rule Groups, you will be given the option to preview and/or download the report.

Some things to keep in mind:
  • All prices are Net price + Shipping.
  • Net payout is calculated based on Amazon's price or the lowest FBA offer if Amazon is not selling the item. If no Amazon or FBA offers, then the lowest MFN price is used.
  • If New condition is specified in the "condition" column, Used offers are not considered.
* ISBN, EAN, and ASIN are allowed for column 1.

Sample Templatesevaluate-template.csv and evaluate-template.xlsx