Here is a quick breakdown of all of the columns found in a reprice report, whether it is interactive or scheduled:

Accept - This allows you to accept or reject the prices individually. This will be checked by default once a reprice of the page has been run, unless it breaks one or more rules and causes an Audit message, or the product is aborted.

Info - The name of the product, a link to the product page, and the associated product image.

Group - The item category. (Book, DVD, etc.)

MSKU - The SKU specific to your inventory.

ASIN - The Amazon identification number for the product.

Rank - The current sales rank of the item.

FBA Offers - The total number of active FBA offers on the product.

Condition - The condition of the product in your inventory.

In-Stock Quantity - The quantity of a given item that is ready to be sold.

(Total Quantity) - This column will be deprecated in a future release.

Cost - The cost of the item when you purchased it.

Price - The current price of the item as listed.

Placement - The change in placement among competing offers that the reprice will cause.

Currency Change - The difference in money between the prices before and after the reprice.

Percent Change - The percentage percentage between the prices before and after the reprice.

Status - The status of the item after running through the reprice. If it can be repriced, but breaks a rule, it will show an Audit message alerting you to which rule or behavior caused it. If it cannot be repriced at all, it will show Abort.

New Price - The price that the item will be after the prices have been accepted.