You can sign-up for a ScanPower account by going to or for marketplaces in the UK/EU.

You will then proceed through several screens.

STEP 1: Here you will answer three questions, enter the email address you want associated with your ScanPower account and click SIGN-UP.  

STEP 2:   Check your email at the address you just entered for an Email Confirmation.  Open the email and click the link therein.

STEP 3:  Link your ScanPower account to your Seller Central account. 

** Please Note: ScanPower and Amazon require that the accounts be linked.  When you use a third party service to source or list items the third party service, us in this case, has to access Amazon information.  Amazon will not permit us access without indicating who is requesting the information.

STEP 4:  You will return to ScanPower to select a password and enter account specific information.  Following this you will be prompted to go through the Set-up Wizard.