PLEASE NOTE:  You can currently CHANGE or CREATE NEW NOTES using this feature; however, this feature will not allow you DELETE notes so that the note field, once with content, will appear completely blank.  To DELETE a note and have the listing remain without content in that field you have to delete the note in Seller Central.

To CHANGE or CREATE NEW NOTES you need to download a file containing your inventory with the current condition notes.  Then, you need to make the desired changes to the notes and upload the file via our feed up-loader.  Below are step-by-step instructions.

Log-in to ScanPower at and go to SETTINGS > LIST.

Next, click on VIEW MY INVENTORY.

Once your inventory appears scroll to the bottom of the screen and click DOWNLOAD.

Now you can open that file and edit the notes.  Once you have edited the notes make sure to SAVE the changes to the spreadsheet.  Next, you need to delete ALL other column on the spreadsheet as you only need the MSKU and NOTES columns and SAVE the changes.  Your spreadsheet will look like this:

Next go to and upload the spreadsheet by dragging it into the drag and drop box.

After dragging the spreadsheet into the upload box a pop-up window will appear.  Select the PRODUCT feed to send the updated notes for the items in the spreadsheet.

Please allow up to 24-hours for Amazon to process the feed. 

You can check to verify that your feed was successful by going to while logged into your ScanPower account.  You will see a page displaying your recent feeds.  If successful the feed(s) will show SUCCESS under SUBMISSION STATUS.