Below is a guide to all of the columns you will encounter in an evaluation report.

UPC = Universal Product Code

ASIN = Amazon Product Identifier

Cost = The cost of one unit of the item being evaluated.

Marketplace = The Marketplace in which it is to be sold. (This value affects currency used in calculations.)

Group = The Amazon top level category

Title = Title of the item offer being evaluated

Author = Author of the book (if applicable).

IMG = Link to the Amazon image of the product being evaluated.

Rank = Sales Rank at time of evaluation.

Status = “accept”, “reject” , or “no change”. The Evaluate recommendation based on your selected rules.

Message (Msg) = Additional message related to the item. For example, a UPC may map to multiple ASINs or the UPC may not be found in the Amazon catalog.

Oversize = Yes or No as to whether or not the item is oversized for shipping purposes.

Weight = The package weight (or item weight if package weight is missing) if available.

New FBA Offers = The number of new FBA offers currently active.

Used Fba Offers = The number of used FBA offers currently active.

Collectible FBA Offers = The number of collectible FBA offers currently active.

Total FBA Offers = The total number of FBA offers currently active.

New Offers = The number of new MFN offers currently active.

Used Offers = The number of used MFN offers currently active.

Collectible Offers = The number of collectible MFN offers currently active.

Total Offers = The total number of MFN offers currently active.

Amazon Price = Amazon’s current asking price.

Low FBA = The lowest current FBA offer.

Low New FBA = The lowest current new FBA offer.

Low Used FBA = The lowest current used FBA offer.

Low Collectible FBA = The lowest current Collectible FBA offer.

Low MFN = The lowest current MFN offer.

Low New MFN = The lowest current new MFN offer.

Low Used MFN = The lowest current used MFN offer.

Low Collectible MFN = The lowest current collectible MFN offer.

Net Payout = Buy Box price (if available. Fallback to Amazon price.  If no Amazon offer, we use the low FBA offer.  If there is no FBA offer, we use the low MF offer.) - Fees and Commission - Cost.

Margin Impact = Offer Price (Amazon or Low FBA or Low MFN) - Fees and Commission

Margin % = Profit Margin Percentage (1 - Cost / Margin Impact)

User Defined 1 = Additional columns uploaded in the original spreadsheet are retained and appended to the output report. There may be multiple user defined columns, e.g. Wholesaler SKU or quantity discount price.