The recommended method for printing is to print the labels one item at a time, while scanning.

There are two options for printing outlined below:

  • Print per-item while listing from the shipment grid by right-clicking the item and selecting PRINT LABELS.  Mac users can right-click by doing a two-finger click on the track-pad.  Here you can also choose how many labels to print.  The system will default to match the qty of the specific item.  So, if you are printing labels for item X and have qty Y for that item you will PRINT "Y" LABELS (as shown below).

    • AUTO-PRINT ON SCAN is the second option.  You can access LIST settings via SETTINGS > LIST.  Under GENERAL enable AUTO-PRINT LABEL ON SCAN.  After this is enabled your printer will auto-print the number of labels to match the QTY of the item listed.