Shipping Labels are printed in Seller Central.  However, please make sure you have finished listing in ScanPower and clicked FINISH SHIPMENT in ScanPower for the shipment you are wanting to ship before processing the shipment for shipping in Seller Central. 

To print the shipping labels go to INVENTORY > MANAGE FBA SHIPMENTS.  This will take you to your SHIPPING QUEUE.  There you can locate the shipment for which you want to print shipping labels.  Click WORK ON SHIPMENT.

  • Verify your ship-from address
  • Review shipment contents to make sure the total qty in Seller Central matches the total qty for the same shipment in ScanPower
  • Select a shipping service
  • Enter shipment packaging information
  • Calculate and accept shipping charges

You will then adhere the labels to your box and click COMPLETE SHIPMENT.  Your shipment is then ready to be sent.