Yes, ScanPower now processes case packed items.  (Information on case packed items and what it means to list case packed items can be found here.)  To list case packed items via ScanPower LIST simply log in to your ScanPower account at and click on LIST from the main toolbar. 

On the LIST main page you can begin listing immediately by entering the ASIN, UPC or ISBN for the item, selecting the ship from address and selecting the label prep type.

When the LIST ITEM pop-up appears you will have the option to click the CASE PACKED box.

Once that box is checked you will be prompted to enter how many cases of the item you have and how many items are in each case.

After clicking OK the items will be added to a case packed shipment.  The shipment icon for case packed shipments is identified by CASE-PACKED appearing on the shipment icon.  The information in the shipment grid under QTY also indicates it is case packed (QTY[QTY]).

Please make sure you follow all case pack packaging instructions found in Seller Central. Click here to view the video.

The video below gives an overview of what it looks like in ScanPower.