Cause #1:

This is often the result of a settings issue and it can easily be fixed by going to SETTINGS > LIST.

Next, scroll down to HIDDEN COLUMNS.  In HIDDEN COLUMNS when the boxes are checked it is going to hide that information on your shipment grid.  Consequently, if all of the boxes are checked the shipment grid will appear empty.  Simply uncheck these boxes and scroll down and click SAVE and the information will appear when you return to the shipment grid.  

HIDDEN COLUMNS section in LIST settings:

All COLUMNS view in LIST:

Cause #2:
If you do not have any HIDDEN COLUMNS selected in settings and the items are still not appearing in the shipment grid please make sure you are using Firefox as your browser.  Firefox is the recommended browser for all ScanPower products.  Then REFRESH your browser.

To refresh your browser click the REFRESH button your browser toolbar.  It looks like this:

You can also use the following keyboard commands:

Control+R (Command+R on a mac) will refresh the page.

Control+Shift+R (Command+Shift+R on a mac) will clear the cache and then refresh the page.

If the items continue not appearing after refreshing your browser please let us know.