Print Shipping Label & Packing Slip

Use the Manage Orders tool to print a shipping address label and packing slip for each individual order.

To print a shipping label and packing slip for an order:

  1. In your seller account, click the Orders link, and then click Manage Orders.
  2. In your list of orders, find the order you are going to fulfill.
  3. Click the Print packing slip button in the Action column.
    A print dialogue box and your shipping label / packing slip page will pop up. The shipping label and packing slip are on the same page, separated by a dotted line.
  4. In the print dialogue box, click OK to print the shipping label and packing slip page.
  5. Cut the shipping label off at the dotted line.
  6. Put the the packing slip in the box with the items you are sending, then seal the box.
  7. Affix the shipping label to the front of your package.
You can reprint a packing slip or shipping label for an order using the steps above at any time.