This can mean a variety of things. 

  1. If you list an item in list and then delete it the item will appear that way. 
  2. If you list an item in list and have not yet clicked FINISH SHIPMENT on the associated shipment, the items will appear that way. 
  3. If you list an item in list, click FINISH SHIPMENT and send it in but are not approved to sell in that category the items will appear that way. 
  4. If you list an item in LIST, click FINISH SHIPMENT and send it in but there was an issue with the feed between ScanPower and Seller Central it will appear that way.

If you think the issue is related to #4 this means the data feed for the item has either not been received by Amazon or has yet to be processed by Amazon.  You need to make sure you clicked FINISH SHIPMENT in ScanPower LIST.

Clicking FINISH SHIPMENT is what sends the final data feed to Amazon for processing. If it has been more than 24-hours since you clicked FINISH SHIPMENT and you are still getting the red message No listing exists for this inventory item then you need to re-feed the item(s) or shipment(s) - instructions for both options are below.

 Re-feed by SHIPMENT:

You can do this by going to LIST and double clicking the shipment icon.  Once the shipment grid appears click CORRECT LISTING and MANUAL REPRICE to re-feed that data.

(**NOTE: See below if the shipment icon no longer appears on the LIST screen.)

Please be aware that it can take Amazon up to 24-hours to process a feed so please do not repeatedly re-feed the shipment. Simply re-feed the shipment once and wait for Amazon to process the feed. You can check the status of the feeds by going to the following link, while signed into your ScanPower account,

If the feed did not go through successfully please let us know before re-feeding the shipment again. Numerous re-feeds of the same shipment or of multiple shipments within a short period of time can be problematic and cause Amazon to throttle your feeds back.

**NOTE: If the shipment icon is not on the main LIST screen then it has been ARCHIVED. To locate the shipment go to SETTINGS > LIST.

Next, scroll down to ARCHIVED SHIPMENTS and the shipment will be there. Then click CORRECT LISTING and MANUAL REPRICE to re-feed that data. 

Re-feed by ITEM:

Log-in to ScanPower at and then go to

There you can upload a one-column spreadsheet of the MSKU's missing listings.

After dragging the spreadsheet into the upload box a pop-up window will appear in which you need to select which feed you want to send for the items in the spreadsheet (PRODUCT, INVENTORY and/or PRICE).  PRODUCT will send the current condition and notes.  INVENTORY will mark the item(s) as FBA. PRICE will send the current price in SP.  Generally, unless you know the listings are missing price you should only need to send the PRODUCT feed. 

Listings will then be created for the products in Seller Central, for which MSKUs were entered, which should remove those items from your stranded inventory.  Please allow up to 24-hours for Amazon to process the feed.  If the items are still displaying the error message after 24-hours please let us know. 

You can check to verify that your feed was successful by going to while logged into your ScanPower account.  You will see a page displaying your recent feeds.  If successful the feed(s) will show SUCCESS under SUBMISSION STATUS.