After clicking LIST from the ScanPower toolbar the following, LIST screen will appear.  To list an item in LIST you:

  1. Enter the ASIN, UPC or ISBN for the item in the box above the purple ribbon.  ScanPower automatically focuses the cursor input to the UPC, ISBN, or ASIN field at all times so you do not need to re-focus when scanning.  
  2. Select your SHIP FROM address (click here for more information on creating new or editing existing SHIP FROM addresses)
  3. Select your LABEL PREP TYPE (click here for more information on LABEL PREP TYPES) 

The LIST ITEM pop-up will appear. Here you enter item specific information:
  • the CONDITION  of the item you are listing
  • the QUANTITY of the item (AT THAT CONDITION)
  • if the item is CASE PACKED enter that here (more information on CASE PACK items is located here)
  • the PRICE at which you wish to sell the item
  • the COST of the item (the amount you paid for the item)
  • the NET PAYOUT will appear after entering PRICE and COST information.  This is what you would make, after Amazon fees, if the items sells at that PRICE, given your COST.
  • the FLOOR (optional and indicates the amount under which you are not willing to sell the item) and CEILING (optional and indicates the amount over which you are not willing to sell the item) - used for repricing items in REPRICE
  • the SOURCE of the item (where you purchased the item)
  • the PURCHASE DATE which defaults to the date the item was listed
  • the EXPIRATION DATE of the item (for consumable items)
  • the EXPIRATION NOTIFICATION for the item (the number of days before the item expires)
  • After completing the LIST ITEM pop-up click OK and the item will be added to a shipment.

Hotlist: this button will take you to other websites (e.g. ebay, Camel, Keepa, Google, etc.) where you can see for how much the item is currently selling.

Track: this button will add this item to the items you are currently tracking in WEBSCOUT.

You can print a label for the item by right-clicking the item and selecting PRINT LABELS (on a Mac you right-click by pressing CTRL and clicking your mouse at the same time).  (Click here for more information on printing labels.)

Lastly, place the label on the item over the barcode (UPC) and place the item in the box. Continue adding items until your shipment is complete. When you are ready to ship your items click FINISH SHIPMENT and the data-feeds will then be sent to Amazon. The remainder of the shipment process (e.g. packing lists and shipment labels) is completed in Seller Central via the Shipping Queue (accessible via the Shipping Queue link in ScanPower after clicking FINISH SHIPMENT or via Seller Central INVENTORY > MANAGE FBA INVENTORY).