Printer Setup – PC

We recommend using the Dymo 450 label printer. They can be purchased for under $100 and are very easy to set up and use. They use the standard Dymo address label for printing FBA labels. There are generic labels available when you need to buy more.

1. Open Firefox and go to your page setup:







2. Set your orientation to LANDSCAPE, and your scaling to 80%:


3. Set your margins to “0″ and make sure that all headers/footers are BLANK.


4. In List, right click on the item(s) and select the option to print labels:


5. Go into your print properties:


6. Again, be sure that the orientation is set to landscape, then click on the “advanced” button:


7. Be sure that you have the paper size set to “30252 Address” and click OK:



Printer Setup – Mac

1. Open Firefox and go to “Page Setup”.

2. Make sure “Format for” is set to your DYMO.

3. Set “Orientation” to landscape and “Scale” to between 80-90%.

4. Select “Manage Custom Sizes” for “Paper Size”.

Mac Set-up2

5. Click the plus sign and name a new paper size “FBA Labels”.

6. Set “Width” and “Height” to 4, set the “Top Margin” to 1.8 and all remaining margins to 0.0. Click ok. and ok again on the “Page Set-up” window.

Mac Set-up3

7. Log-in to ScanPower, select List and choose the shipment for which you want to print a label.

8. Choose an item, right-click the item and select “Print Labels”. (To right-click on a Mac click ctrl and your mouse at the same time.)

Mac Set-up4

9. Select your DYMO for “Printer”, enter the number of labels you want to print for that item for “Copies” and set all “Headers” and “Footers” to “–blank–”. Click “Print”.

Mac Set-up5

Printer Setup for Zebra printers

This is what you want to see. A Print Preview (File -> Print Preview) that shows all on one label.

If showing two labels, Scale to 90% or 80%.

In Page Setup (File -> Page Setup), You can switch between Portrait and Landscape. You may have to swap these if your master printer settings are set one way or the other.

All your margins should be 0.0. All your Headers & Footers should be –blank–.

When you choose Print (File -> Print), you can view your printer’s Properties. Paper size needs to edited. Here you can also switch Portrait and Landscape. If they are swapped here, you may need to swap in your Format & Options.

Below are your master Printer Settings. These are accesses from Start -> Control Panel -> Printers & Faxes ->
RIght Click on your printer -> Select Printing Preferences…

Print a TEST label here