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scanpower does not recognize dymo printer in chrome

 scanpower does not recognize dymo printer(2) in chrome. I've tried 2 different dymo printers on 3 different computers and dymo does not work with chrome. all printers and laptops work with scanpower in firefox.

the reason for wanting to use chrome is to be able to see how many units are in stock with competitors without having to jump back and forth firefox to chrome.

2 people have this problem

We are having the same problem. HELP!


same here

same here


Please keep in mind that submitting a support ticket will get you the support you need faster.

The latest Printer Setup can be found here:

Make sure you review carefully and let us know if that doesn't work!



fyi updating dymo driver with the above link that andrea q. provided did fix my issue. chrome will now recognize and print with dymo printer. tks.

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