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Evaluate - Add 30/60/90 Day Sales Totals

We use evaluate to help us to identify products that would be viable to sell on FBA, and we currently go through a laborious process to run Evaluate, sort by ranking, then review each and every item.

Other products hook to Keepa and Camel Camel Camel to pull historical data for the product.  You can get a historical graph pulled from these sources.

The problem with using Evaluate is that it gives a snapshot of RIGHT NOW, but doesn't give you an idea of whether you're at a peak or valley in the sales cycle.

I would pay double for an evaluate system (PRO?) that queries these sources and identifies the 30/60/90/180/365 sales volumes from their history.

If Evaluate provided the info culled from Amazon, PLUS added the historical sales from Keepa or Camel Camel Camel, it would be a one-stop invaluable tool for making decisions quickly.  It would cut our time for product review by 75%, and as such we would be willing to pay for this ability.

Development is looking into the possibilities of this and we will begin working on Evaluate features in July.



We have Keepa integration now through Evaluate. You provide us with your Keepa API key and we can show any historic data that keepa tracks.



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