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Brother Printer

Hi Scanpower community, how do I go about setting up my labeller to work with SP?

Many thanks,


Using the Brother QL-700 printer, you need to set the scale to 75, or it will cut off the last bit of the barcode.  

P. S.  Use the 2-1/2 x 1 1/8 labels.  Also set the printer in "More Settings"  Margins = None.  

I use the Brother printer because it was available at my local Staples store.  I don't recall any significant problem.  You have to install the printer on your computer just as you would with any printer.

ScanPower recommends the user of the DYMO 450 label printer and our software is designed for use with the printer.  Other printers can be used with ScanPower but you are responsible for setting it up as we do not provide set-up instructions.  You might try contacting other Brother printer users on the ScanPower Facebook group page for guidance on set-up:


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