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Do Not Increase Price in Repricer

Is there a way to have Repricer never reprice higher than what an item is already priced at? I think this would be beneficial for a lot of people. For instance, when I price, I price at a level where I feel confident it will sell. If it doesn't, then I will let Repricer price it lower. In my instance, I don't want any of my prices to go higher. On a lot of my items, Repricer prices WAY above any other offers. I've spoken to both Rob and Paul about my settings and even with some settings changed around, we could never get anything to work. Whereas with an option to never price higher, all problems would be solved!

Thank you,

Arthur Ash III

Theoretically, yes, that is called the CEILING price and just as FLOOR can be entered in the price dialog box.  You can also bulk upload CEILING for items you have previously listed by following the instructions below.  The issue is that we do not have a rule in REPRICE to not price above an item's set CEILING (as we do for not going under an item's set FLOOR).  I have put in a FEATURE REQUEST for such a rule to be created.  In being transparent, I can tell you that this new feature is unlikely to be released before the new year.  However, once released, it will be highlighted on the UPDATES section of the landing page once you log-in at

Bulk Upload CEILING:


Hey Andrea, any progress on this feature? I sell a lot of "one-off" items like books,etc. so adding CEILING prices to all of them is becoming quite time consuming. The ability to not reprice above my already set beginning price would be ideal.

Let me know!



It is still in the queue but since there is a relatively easy way to do this already programming has not gotten to it.  I will let them know you have checked in about it.


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