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Add Optional Expiration Date on Grocery (and other) Items

Amazon recently removed some rice crackers from my inventory, citing an expiration date that was too soon. I created a removal order so I could inspect the items. Their expiration date was in 2015, so Amazon incorrectly deactivated it.


Could Scan Power have a field to input expiration dates for Grocery and some Health & Beaty items? This way, if Amazon says it's expired, I can look it up in Scan Power and challenge Amazon without having to remove my inventory.


I am sorry for the delayed response.  I have create an issue with the development team to include this as an upcoming feature request.  I cannot guarantee it will be added as a new feature and if it is approved to be a new feature I am not sure at this time when it would be LIVE.  Please check the landing page when logging into ScanPower for updates.



What we have decided to do with regard to this Feature Request is to add a user-definable field.  You can then input the expiration date there if you want.  I still do not have an ETA on this but I imagine it will be out within the next 2-weeks.


Awesome! This will be very beneficial! Thank you.
Great ... I will try to put a note here when it is up but also keep your eye on the UPDATES list when you log-in to your account.


The custom field is now available. 


How can I add it to my labels?


Expiration dates will automatically be added to the item labels if you use the Dymo 30334 style label. 

I love this feature!  I have a suggestion that would help me out.  I'm not in scanpower all the time, so when there is a product that's expiring, could i get an email notification at the same time that the notification shows up in in my account?

Hi Edith, we are working on email notifications and will update you when they are ready! Thanks Paul

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Hi Edith,

We've created a new app called Inventory Expirations: It pulls items and expiration dates entered in BoxT.



How to we have the expiration dates we enter in LIST move over to BOXT?

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