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Enhancement Request

 I sell a mix of games and books, but most of my inventory are books.  It seems like 99.9% of the time when I enter an ISBN, I get a list of books back where one of them is the book in question, and the other(s) are eBook versions of the book.

Since Amazon doesn't let us sell digital goods (and even if they did we obviously wouldn't need FBA to do so), I have an enhancement request:

When you get the API results back from Amazon, can you simply filter out the eBook results so we never see them?  If it leaves only a single result, assume that's what I want (your code does that already today), if there are still multiples show me the list.

This way I'm going to see the list a lot less (big improvement in time-spent-listing) and when I do see it, I'll spend less time trying to find the right listing amongst the eBook items (for some reason, a lot of books return multiple eBook listings).


I also see ebooks when listing ISBNs.


I have converted your post into a ticket.  I responded with a couple questions so we can track this down ASAP.


Chad, I converted this post into a ticket and responded to you via the ticket.  This feature already exists.  If you are seeing e-books you should not be.  I have sent you an email asking for examples so we can research why some are coming through.  Thanks!!!


I see ebooks as well, often ONLY ebooks.


Spring Kroll,

Can you send me the UPC or ASIN you used which also displayed ebooks so I can send it to programming as an example?

Thank you!


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