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Did you know you can track cost and download an inventory report in ScanPower?

Tracking COST Paid:

You can track the cost you paid for an item in LIST using the PRICE pop-up window.  There you can enter PRICE (custom), COST, FLOOR, and CEILING.  Floor and ceiling prices are used in REPRICE to set boundaries for repricing items.

You can also upload your cost for all items in batch using the url:

Downloading an Inventory Report:

You can easily download an inventory report in ScanPower LIST with price, cost, floor and ceiling data if you entered that information when listing.

To download an inventory report go to SETTINGS > LIST.

 Next, click on VIEW MY INVENTORY.

Your inventory will appear on the next page.  Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click DOWNLOAD (the bottom-right corner of the page).  This will general an inventory spreadsheet.

Can you add the cost of an item after you have listed it and finalized a shipment? When browsing through 'View My Inventory' some items are missing a purchase cost.



Yes you can.  Please see the following article in Solutions:


What happens if you later buy the same item at a different price? Is each time you list an item and add it's cost tracked as a separate event?


Cost data is tracked in both the inventory and shipment tables. The inventory table tracks the most recent cost for an item (that we have) and the shipments hold the cost for the specific items in the shipment. We don't currently use anything but the cost in the shipment data, and only for doing net payout calcs. We'll be using those more with the new accounting features.


Are you saying that if I replenish an item and don't input the cost again, that's it's now gone from the system? In other words, the newest instance of listing the item overwrites anything that was there before?


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