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What does the red message, no listing exists for this inventory item, mean that I see in Seller Central?

 I created a shipment and printed all of my labels through Scanpower. Sent in my shipment.  A bunch of the items are listed as fulfillable in FBA inventory but are marked with the red message "No listing exists for this inventory item."  Some are books and I don't know what condition I marked them as. Any advice?

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This means the data feed for the item has either not been received by Amazon or has yet to be processed by Amazon.  You need to make sure you clicked FINISH SHIPMENT in ScanPower LIST.  This is what sends the final data feed to Amazon for them to process.  If it has been more than 24-hours since you clicked FINISH SHIPMENT and you are still getting the red message No listing exists for this inventory item then you need to re-feed the shipment.  You can do this by going to LIST and double clicking the shipment icon. 

(**NOTE: See below if the shipment icon no longer appears on the LIST screen.)  Once the shipment grid appears click CORRECT LISTING and MANUAL REPRICE to re-feed that data.  

Please be aware that if can take Amazon up to 24-hours to process a feed so please do not repeatedly re-feed the shipment.  Simply re-feed the shipment once and wait for Amazon to process the feed.  You can check the status of the feeds by going to the following link, while signed into your ScanPower account,  If the feed did not go through successfully please let us know before re-feeding the shipment again.  Numerous re-feeds of the same shipment or of multiple shipments within a short period of time can be problematic and cause Amazon to throttle your feeds back.

**NOTE: If the shipment icon is not on the main LIST screen then it has been ARCHIVED.  To locate the shipment go to SETTINGS > LIST and scroll down to ARCHIVED SHIPMENTS and the shipment will be there.  Then click CORRECT LISTING and MANUAL REPRICE to re-feed that data.


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