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My data did not make it to AMZ

 After finishing a shipment in SP, I clicked "finish shipment", then went to Seller Central, but it's not showing up, even after I searched for it. I go back to SP and it's still there, but still not in SC.

I know I can just delete it and start over, but I have 8 of one item and they'll be spread over several shipments.

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I just checked your feeds and they appear to have been successful. Some times it takes time for Amazon to process shipments. It an take up to 24 hours.  You can check the status of feeds (after logging in) at:  If the feeds shows as successful on our side then it means AMZ received the feed without issue.  My advice is to wait 24-hours to see if it appears in Seller Central and/or start a ticket with Seller Central Support.


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